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Compact 4-way cassette type (620 x 620) The all new compact 4-way cassette series has been especially designed for business office applications, where a compact and efficient solution is required.

Key Features


• Smart flat-panel design with clean lines that will complement any decorative style.

• Fit within the T-bar of grid ceiling: 620mm X 620mm.


• A user programmable 5-step flow with individual louvre swing control, plus a novel “cycle-swing” harmonised louvre setting.

• The occupancy motion sensor can be configured to switch the unit into standby mode or completely switched off, when no movement is detected, minimising the energy usage of the

Easy to install

• At only 256mm height, this compact chassis is perfectly suited to confined spaces.

• Built-in high-lift drain pump.

• Lightweight unit, for easy and quick installation.

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