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Floor standing type This system is particularly suitable to air condition large rooms like shops or showrooms or with low ceilings like restaurants or lofts.

Key features

Optimized air flow

• The unit has been designed to have particularly high air flow rates, which correspond into superior air throw values.

• The wide and automatic vertical and horizontal air distribution angles, allow the air flow distribution to reach all areas, even when installed into large rooms.

• High air flows: from 180 l/s to 600 l/s (660 m3/h to 2160 m3/h).

• Wide air distribution angle: up to 150°.

Wide range

• Large capacity range: cooling capacities from 4.5 kW to 16 kW and heating capacities from 5 kW to 18 kW.

Installation everywhere

• The unit can be installed in the corner of the room, in this case the automatic swing angle can be fixed to deliver the air only where it is needed.

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