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HI-WALL -BKS-BA Fixed Speed (cooling only) The performance of the elegant and slim hi-wall units is perfect. A compact design, the powerful, precise operation and a very low operation noise convince. Toshiba BKS fix-speed cooling only air conditioners are suitable for a wide range of residential applications.

Key Features

High energy efficiency

• Low energy consumption in all conditions.

• High Ambient operation up to 52°C

Toshiba Indoor Air Quality

• BKS is equipped with a self-cleaning function that reduces damp and mold in the indoor unit coil.

• This ensures long-lasting performance and high quality air circulation. User friendly wireless remote control and optional weekly timer

• ECO Logic button to reduce energy consumption by -25%.

• Capacity booster to reach comfort set point very fast.

• Air flow control with horizontal motorized louvers: pre-set directions or automatic sweeping.

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