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Ceiling type

The simple, yet elegant design helps to create a pleasant and relaxing environment, quickly conditioning the room air to the desired temperature.
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Concealed duct high static pressure type

This is Toshiba’s most powerful ducted unit delivering air flows up to 4800m3/h with an external static pressure up to 250 Pa.
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Console type

Innovative and compact unit to be installed on the floor and in low wall applications, fits perfectly under the window sills or in a low ceiling attic.
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Floor standing cabinet type

The simple design of this unit represents the perfect choice, for refurbishment projects, where the available space is limited, or where neither the walls nor ceiling are able to house the unit.
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Floor standing concealed type

This unit has been designed to be fitted easily into a compact space behind a decorative panel, allowing the unit to blend into any room interior. This chassis is compact and slim, it is very easy to install and to conceal behind a decorative panel to blend with any room interior.
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Floor standing type

This system is particularly suitable to air condition large rooms like shops or showrooms or with low ceilings like restaurants or lofts.
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