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LC Fixed speed ceiling type RAV***CSP-G series The simple, yet elegant design helps to create a pleasant and relaxing environment, quickly conditioning the room air to the desired temperature, via the optimized air outlet design, creating a smooth air flow in the conditioned space.

Key Features

Indoor unit

• Smooth Curve Shape: Rounded design, this new models have been developed in
response to customers’ need for ceiling units that better match their room interiors.

• Designed Wide Flap: The airflow angle is automatically set to the most suitable setting according to your needs, an automatic swing mode enables airflow to reach all areas of the room to create a comfortable ambience.

• Installable up to 4.3m*: The most suitable airflow can be select maximum installed ceiling up to 4.3m. height with comfort temperature.

• Drain pump kit with glass built*: The Drain pump kit makes draining easier. Glass built into Drain Pump kit helps reduce mould formation.

Outdoor unit

High efficiency protected compressors provide maximum cooling with minimum electricity use. Compressors have internal overload protection.

Condensing units are of zinc coated, galvanized steel casing with weather resistant baked finish and IPX4 protection ensuring durability and long equipment life.

All condensing units have Hydrophilic Blue Fins as standard which prevent corrosion.

Condenser fans are high efficiency axial type with direct drive motors, statically and
dynamically balanced for quiet operation. Fan motor is permanently lubricated with
internal thermal protection.



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