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LC Fixed speed Floor standing type RAV-***FS8G series A system particularly well adapted to air-condition large rooms like shops, showrooms or rooms with low ceilings such as restaurants or lofts.

Key Features

Indoor unit

• Aqua Resin coating on coil prevents moisture and dust accumulation giving excellent IAQ and long equipment life.

• Aesthetic design that compliments most interiors.

Filter cleaning alarm keeps the air clean and occupants healthy.

Panel lock function to prevent miss-handling in commercial and public applications.

Attractive, modern design digital LED panel display.

Self diagnosis function.

Powerful high performance fan with wide angle auto air sweep for immediate, uniform cooling.

Low noise operation.

Timer function for ease of operation.

Outdoor unit

• High efficiency protected compressors provide maximum cooling with minimum electricity use. Compressors have internal overload protection.

• Condensing units are of zinc coated, galvanized steel casing with weather resistant baked finish and IPX4 protection ensuring durability and long equipment life.

• All condensing units have Hydrophilic Blue Fins as standard which prevent corrosion.

• Condenser fans are high efficiency axial type with direct drive motors, statically and
dynamically balanced for quiet operation. Fan motor is permanently lubricated with
internal thermal protection.

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