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LC Inverter Duct type RAV-SH****BP-AE series

Easily hidden in the ceiling, this flexible model ensures optimal air diffusion and uniform temperature in multiple rooms.
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Key Features

Indoor Unit

• Compact sizing: Compact size especially in height (275mm, 298mm), offers a wide range of installation opportunities to customer.

• Self clean operation: The mechanism of the wash-off by aqua-resin coated indoor unit’s fins.

• Magic coil in FCU by Aqua resin coated: The aqua resin coating prevents dirt from sticking to the fins. Condensation water flows washes away dirt. After washing, a drying operation suppresses the propagation of mold.

• Built-in high-lift drain pump: The flexible piping layout is made possible by a standard available drain-pump kit that raises the drain piping up to 850mm. from the drain port.

• High static pressure: External static pressure can be raised as high as 180Pa, so that all areas of the room can be reached for even temperature distribution, no matter how complex the layout.

• High Efficiency: Toshiba’s unique combination of twin rotary compressor and all inverter driven control contribute to guarantee accuracy and high efficiency.

Outdoor Unit

• Outside temperature: Suitable for Middle East regions, LC-Inverter has wide operation range thanks to high reliability of Twin rotary compressor.

• Protection circuit: LC-Inverter has the protection circuit to protect the PC board under unstable power supply and a function that detects miss-wiring of the power supply for 3Phase product.

• Noise filter: Noise Filter is equipped to prevent fluctuated voltage so that Air conditioner can operate smoothly with highly reliable.

• Thunder surge protection: Surge absorber device is added to protect the whole PCB from the high current like thunder surge up to 10,000 voltage.  

• Twin rotary compressor: Toshiba’s unique combination of twin rotary compressor and all inverter driven control remain with R410A refrigerant, contribute to guaranteed accuracy and expertise of flawless Japanese quality.

• Strainer in gas pipe: LC-Inverter has the strainer in the gas pipe to remove the dust and metal-abrasion powder.

• Fireproof electrical enclosure: Fully fireproof electrical enclosure for both indoor and outdoor unit ensure safety by preventing spread of fire, explosion, fire-burn and spread.