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2P SMMS-u Outdoor Unit MMY-MUP_1HT8P

The latest generation of Toshiba VRF Outdoor Units engineered in Japan, integrates a totally new redesigned chassis, a new compressor and a new heat exchanger to achieve unrivalled efficiency, outstanding comfort level and low environmental footprint.

The MMY-MUP_HT8P-E condensing unit has an unrivalled space efficient chassis design to ease product integration with no compromise on efficiency. It is utilizing the exclusive Toshiba Triple rotary compressor offering high capacity and outstanding performances with less refrigerant and a new super efficient heat exchanger covering full product height to maximize energy exchange. Furthermore the intelligent VRF control ensures exact quantity of refrigerant to be delivered to the indoor units to avoid waste of energy.

Main Features:

  • -25°C to +52°C operating range to cover all climates around the world
  • KO-BE-TSU and Renkey new defrost solution for constant comfort level
  • Up to 24HP in single module and max 120HP in combination
  • Up to 1,200m piping length max to cover the full building without splitting systems
  • Less constraints with 128 indoor units maximum per system
  • Enhanced usability and ease commissioning and maintenance with direct USB connection, Wave Tool advance and Link adaptor.
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