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SMMS-e - 50 Hz The latest generation of VRF with innovative components and advanced intelligence to deliver total value in air conditioning systems.

Key Features


• DC twin rotary compressor with outstanding capacity under partial load driven to improve efficiency and comfort.

• Fast calculating vector-controlled inverter to exploit the compressor’s full potential and provide smoother operation with optimized energy savings.

• 2 exchangers : outstanding 4 side heat exchanger + sub cooling heat exchanger to optimized efficiency.

• High flow precision to always bring the right quantity of refrigerant to every indoor units.


• 7 outdoor unit model line-up from 8 to 20 HP that can be installed in different combination up to a capacity of 56 HP.

• Complete range of indoor units to match every customer needs or room configuration.


• Up to 1000m total piping length; 190m in equivalent length and 70m of height difference.

• Revolutionary hands-free Wave Tool technology that allows contactless commissioning and diagnostics to be carried out using a smartphone application.

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